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San Jose Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in San Jose

If you’re in your 20s or your 90s, we’re here for you, and we also offer expert care for children. This is why at Santa Teresa Family Dental, we can proudly state that we offer dentistry for all ages. For us, it’s a simple matter of being prepared and listening to the unique needs of our valued patients.

Our San Jose family dentist urges everyone to visit our office for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning every six months. There is just no better way to keep cavities and gum disease to a minimum, if not eliminated entirely. And if you do have any existing cavities or gum disease, being proactive keeps them from becoming more serious and exposing you to complications, which can include infections, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loss of teeth. For your child, it is even more crucial to have regular checkups. Kids are more prone to tooth decay and the cavities that it forms. Just as important is for our San Jose family dentist to provide the guided expertise to ensure that her or his baby teeth grow in and fall out on their normal schedule, without problems. The same is true for the transition to adult teeth erupting later on. And as your child grows and becomes a teen and then an adult, the same list of vital services that we make available to you become applicable to him or her. Among them are restorative, cosmetic, periodontal, endodontic (root canal), and oral surgery. We even feature dental implants for the ultimate in tooth replacement, and the revolutionary alternative to metal braces known as Invisalign.

Please contact our office and set up an appointment for you or anyone else in your household. Our San Jose family dentist looks forward to seeing you.

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