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Everyone wants to have strong teeth and gums, healthy, and free of pain. It is dental plaque that is the main threat to that. It’s sticky, it’s invisible, and it has acids that erode tooth structure and irritate, inflame, and infect your gums. At Santa Teresa Family Dental, our goal is to help you in preventing the growth of dental plaque and keeping its effects to a minimum.

You should visit our San Jose dentist office two times per year for a complete checkup and a teeth cleaning. Doing so is a crucial part of dealing with dental plaque, especially in the form of tartar. What happens is that your everyday teeth brushing and flossing succeeds in removing dental plaque from on and between your teeth, and from your gum line. Unfortunately, some may avoid your oral hygiene efforts and stay out of reach. For example, dental plaque often hides in gum pockets. There is becomes harder and crusty, which is when it is referred to as tartar. The hazard it presents is every bit the same as with the filmy version, but you cannot effectively eliminate tartar on your own. Our San Jose dentist office, though, can. Professional teeth cleaning eradicates tartar buildup, along with getting rid of any residual plaque. That’s a big deal, too, because it makes future cavities less likely. As for gum disease, the early stage of it is gingivitis, and that’s where irritation and redness are common. Our teeth cleanings reverse the effects of gingivitis, which is important in keeping gum disease from reaching an advanced stage. Overall, six month examinations and cleanings make it possible to avoid the worst consequences of dental plaque and tartar, such as root canal, lost teeth, and erosion of gum and bone tissue.

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