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Dental cleanings in San Jose

For a reliable and experienced San Jose best dentist, call Santa Teresa Family Dental. We perform dental cleanings along with periodontal cleanings and other general dentistry services in a relaxed, professional environment. Ask about our In Office Membership Plan, which includes a free exam 2x a year, free routine X-Rays 2x a year and a free cleaning and fluoride treatments twice a year as well. Patients can also enjoy discounts on treatments like dental extractions, bone grafts, SRP & Gum Irrigation, perio-maintenance, fillings, bridges, dentures and root canals.

During regular cleanings with our San Jose best dentist our instruments allow us to get in places where regular brushes cannot, such as under the gums. A periodontal cleaning is done when there is severe gum loss or gum disease and the pockets of the gums have deepened and inside the flaps where bacteria hides. The purpose of this kind of cleaning is to try to save the teeth from gum disease by relieving the swelling and inflammation that gum disease causes. With proper cleaning, treatment and cleanings, it is possible to reverse gum disease to a healthier state. If the pockets under the gums get too decayed due to bacteria hiding in the pockets, a periodontal cleaning may be needed. A regular cleaning should be done annually. Annual cleanings help to rid the mouth of plaque and tartar and can be scheduled 1-2 times per year as needed.

Right now we’re running a new patient special for just $99. This includes a dental exam by Dr. Madaan, digital dental X-Rays, a professional teeth cleaning with fluoride by Dr. Madaan and $99 for cash paying customers who are non-insured, and $0 for insured patients. Our San Jose best dentist offices is open Monday and Thursday from 9am-6pm, Wednesday from 8-4pm and on Saturdays by appointment.

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